A bout Us

Team Von Den Hohen Berg came in existence in 2018. We have been planning for over a year to put this team together by only having right people who have similar views on how to improve the German Shepherd breed: its’ bloodlines, strengths, weaknesses, history, and current development, as well as training and showing dogs.

We know that breeding quality dogs is much more than just putting two dogs with good pedigrees together . Each litter has to have a purpose , and each breeding pair should compliment each other in more than one way.

To know and understand what it is we are trying to improve, we must stay up to date and participate in shows, working events, and travel to Germany often. Along with the knowledge of genetic inheritance of different characteristics we have to have a certain ” feel” for it in order to be successful breeders.

If you have any questions please feel free to call any of our members.

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