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VA1 Wikky Farhantal

amel jul 2018

Proud to anounce the addition of VA1 Wikky Farhantal. The key to a successful breeding program starts with the quality of the breeding stock.
Wikky herself is an outstanding female, strong in every aspect from structure to work ethic .
Wikky has produced multiple V rated titled offspring , proving herself to be a valuable asset to the breed it’s self.
Wikky bring health, structure, bone and working ability to our breeding program and we are super excited to see what the future holds for us.

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Faya von Farhantal

Faya is a very red and black,  powerful female with a very masculine head, and very harmonious structure.  She has an impressive show record with many VP1 and SG1 placements.   

Faya has excellent hips and elbows: HD”a” , ED”a” as well as her BH and IPO1 working titles.
We are excited to see what she can do in the future; both in the show ring as well as in the whelping box.   Keep an eye out for her


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Farah von Farhantal

In keeping with the quality bloodline from Wikky, we also introduce SG  Farah Von Farhantal , IPO1, BH, HD/ED a normal from SV, DM clear.
Medium sized substantial female.
Daughter of V Freddi Vom Modithor.

IPO Level
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Ramona von Farhantal

V Ramona von Farhantal BH IPO1
Parents: 2 x VA1 Remo von Fichtenschlag IPO3 and 2 x VA1 BiH Wikky von Farhantal IPO1
Hips: “a” normal.
Elbows: “a” normal.
Ramona brings a lot to the table, She is the daughter of 2 time world Champion Remo von Fichtenschlag.
Her mother is 2 x VA1 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was the young dog Siegerin at the Croatian Sieger show.
Ramona is a substantial female with a strong head, dark eyes, correct structure and fluid movement.
She has an open temperament and good drive.
She is a proven producer and she passes on her pronounced stop and beautiful head to her offspring.

IPO Level
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